Mlink Glass Studio was opened on the 3rd of April 2017.

What is Glass Fusing.

Glass fusing is the technique used to join glass pieces together by partly melting the glass at high temperature. The fusion process requires multiple pieces of glass, with a minimum of two. The heating is commonly undertaken in an electric kiln.

Type of glass.

The glass that we use for jewellery making is called Millefiori, it comes from Italy. Other glass for homeware and art pieces is called Bullseye, this glass is shipped from America.

Bruce Mutenure

Bruce is a Carpenter by trade and worked on a number of projects including  government guests house in Pretoria completing a full spectrum of furniture and fittings, he also worked at CSIR in Pretoria for a number of years before leaving to work with glass.

It’s been six years now that Bruce has been working with glass, his training and experience in creating and fusing glass is now vast and possesses a natural creative ability with glass. His passion and love for this craft can be seen in his works.

Tariro Mutenure

Tariro comes from a Retail background where she worked as a supermarket manager, so she has invaluable communication skills and always meets her client’s needs. 

With three years experience in working with glass she is able to create exquisite jewellery pieces. Her love for the craft can also be seen in the tender and delicate manner in which she goes about creating the pieces.